Private Equity

Identify and secure investment opportunities in venture capital, growth equity, and lower middle- market buyouts; investments are made through a vehicle committing to approximately 15 to 20 managers, backing 400 to 600 companies.

Benefits of Diversified Private Equity investing include:

  • Opportunity to generate sizeable to outsized long-term returns
  • Access to less efficient markets
  • Exposure to entrepreneurial businesses, from start-up to established
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Funding of innovation and growth

VIA Identifies and accesses managers focused on:

  • Improving profit margins/operating efficiencies
  • Developing and enhancing management teams
  • Rapidly growing companies in new markets
  • Unique business models
  • Providing capital for organic or acquired growth

Private Equity remains strong, providing capital to fund growth and implement best practices.

The use of leverage has moderated and operating improvements and growth drive investment returns.


Micro-Cap Venture Capital

VIA identifies and secures investment opportunities with institutional seed-stage or micro-VC firms through our Seed Technology Partners (STP) funds. We focus on capital efficient IT start-ups; investments are made through a vehicle committing to approximately 6 to 8 managers, backing 150 to 300 companies.

Benefits of investing in elite, institutional seed-stage VCs include:

  • Opportunity to generate significant long-term gains in dynamic segment
  • Exposure to new breed of manager, often hard to identify and access
  • A new portfolio diversification dimension

VIA Identifies and accesses IT managers who are:

  • Smaller and focused on building business in a capital efficient manner
  • Closest to promising entrepreneurs at inception
  • Able to quickly validate, disprove and/or "de-risk" company assumptions with little capital

A new class of investor, the micro-VC, is tracking the progression of certain technical developments, which have led to the capital efficient start-up.

Investing at the earliest stages, these smaller managers can take advantage of very low entry prices, help founders build value during the critical early days of a start-up's life, and manage a profitable exit more effectively than later-stage investors.


Private Energy

Identify and secure investment opportunities in private energy (oil & gas), with a focus on innovation in E&P, midstream, and services; investments are made through a vehicle committing to approximately 6 to 8 managers, backing 100 to 200 companies. 

Benefits of Private Energy investing include:

  • Strong, consistent returns
  • Ownership of real/hard assets as a hedge against inflation
  • Portfolio diversification

VIA Identifies and accesses managers investing in:

  • Smaller, underutilized properties often overlooked by large energy companies
  • Low-risk, proven assets offering upside potential through additional development
  • Businesses benefiting from E&P growth in a basin

The Energy market will remain strong. Global demand continues to increase as emerging markets are expanding to require more energy input.

The market for Energy companies and assets will remain robust.